It's no coincidence that top apps use enhanced screenshots

Our App Screenshot Maker levels the playing field, allowing you to create beautiful app screenshots in minutes, so you can focus on making the best app possible.

Google Play

53% of Android users find new apps by searching the Play Store.

[Source: Mobile Dev HQ]



Screenshots make up almost 75% of the app listing in search results.

[Source: Statista]


More Downloads

Enhanced Screenshots increase likelihood of user downloading by over 30%.

[Source: Split Metrics]


Apple AppStore

47% of Apple users find new apps by searching the AppStore.

[Source: Mobile Dev HQ]

+ Customers examine app screenshots before they look at other elements of the app listing.
+ Screenshots grab the attention of potential customers and convince them to download your app.
+ Screenshots provoke desire, which leads to them downloading your app.
+ App users have learned what good apps look like, by judging App Store images from past downloads.

App Store Optimisation (ASO)

Essential ASO Factors:

✓ App Title
✓ App Icon
✓ Keywords
✓ App Description
✓ Reviews and Ratings
Our App Screenshot Maker helps with one of the essential factors in getting your app noticed and downloaded, read our comprehensive ASO Guide for help with the rest.
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Create powerful enhanced app screenshots in minutes

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